Cottonwood Lions Club

Serving our community since 1950

Cottonwood, Arizona

Located in the beautiful Verde Valley


Updated Friday, June 15, 2018

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Lions Logos & Art

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LionLogo1c.png (105175 bytes)

One-color Lion logo


SightFirstLogo2c.png (83224 bytes)

Two-color SightFirst logo


LionLogo2c.png (18250 bytes)

Two-color Lion logo


LCIFLogo2c.png (35995 bytes)

Two-color LCIF logo


LionLogo4c.png (290709 bytes)

Four-color Lion Logo


four_color_lciflogo_lion_he.png (380883 bytes)

Four-color LCIF logo (Lion-head version)

WeServeLogo1c.png (14850 bytes)

One-color "We Serve" logo


RecycleFSColor.png (144430 bytes)

Recycle For Sight Color Logo

WeServeLogo2c.png (16246 bytes)

Two-color "We Serve" logo


RecycleFSBW.png (289175 bytes)

Recycle For Sight Logo


branches_2color.png (28183 bytes)

Branches logo


WWIDColor.png (197603 bytes)

Four-color Worldwide Induction Day logo

Lioness.png (15639 bytes)

Lioness logo


WWIDBW.png (93406 bytes)

One-color Worldwide Induction Day logo

lioness_pin.png (421315 bytes)

Lioness Pin


WSD.png (88841 bytes)

World Sight Day logo


Leo.png (29582 bytes)

One-color Leo logo


nc_4color.png (20002 bytes)

Four-color New Century Lions logo

Leo2c.png (58471 bytes)

Two-color Leo logo


ye_logo.png (195762 bytes)

Lions Youth Camps and Exchange logo

leo50.png (145119 bytes)

Leo 50th Anniversary Logo


Strides-logo.png (5718 bytes)

Strides Walk for Diabetes Awareness logo

environment_bw.png (141345 bytes)


One color Lions Environmental Photo Contest Logo


Strides_color.png (102674 bytes)

Strides Walk for Diabetes Awareness
3 -color logo

environment.png (234365 bytes)


Two-color Lions Environmental Photo Contest Logo


QUEST_Logo.png (34936 bytes)

Lions Quest Logo

lions_eyebank_b_w.png (17863 bytes)


One-color Lions Eye Banks


Peace_Poster_Logo.png (39272 bytes)

Lions International Peace Poster Contest Logo

lions_eyebank_color.png (84848 bytes)


Two-color Lions Eye Banks


ALERTlogo.png (82752 bytes)

Lions International Alert Team

presidents_logo.png (303255 bytes)

International President Logo

  200px-Lionclub-int-logo.gif (18357 bytes) Lions Logo

CSF_2.png (47716 bytes)

Campaign SightFirst II Logo

  presidents_logo.gif (43398 bytes) Old President's Logo

SightFirstLogo1c.png (98263 bytes)

One-color SightFirst logo


e005.png (13622 bytes)

Old We Serve


  We Serve